Could this be the year for Crable?


It’s May, so it must be time for some Shawn Crable talk.

Last year, around this time, he became the hypothetical answer to this question: How are the Patriots going to fix their pass rush? And so here we are, after he spent a second consecutive season on injured reserve, with the same storyline rearing its head again.

Crable was at the Kevin Faulk’s charity softball game last night, and talked with reporters, including our own Peter Martin.

“It’s been a different experience,’’ Crable said of watching his team
play without him for the last two seasons. “It’s the first time in my
life I’ve ever been injured. It’s one of those deals that you just kind
of have to get used to and move on from there.’’

He added that now, “I feel good and ready to go.”

We’ll see what happens. Crable was a disruptive defender at Michigan (even after superstars LaMarr Woodley, David Harris, Alan Branch and Leon Hall departed), but also was more of a “flash” player there who wasn’t consistent and came into the league a little raw. Injuries aside, he hasn’t developed the way the team thought he might.

Maybe he’s turned the corner, but I don’t think it’s far-fetched to say his job will be on the line this summer. If he comes up big — which has to be considered unlikely at this point — then great. But it’d be hard, knowing what we know now, to expect that.


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