The Welker thing? Yeah, nothing’s changed


Last night, word came across the wire that Wes Welker was saying he tore just one knee ligament (ACL) and not two (minus the MCL) back in January. And I wondered a little aloud if there was a semantics issue at work here.

Turns out, there was. The AP’s Jeff Latzke went back to Welker today and the Patriots receiver cleared everything up, saying he did injure both ligaments and needed to wait for the MCL to heal to have the ACL reconstructed.

“We just had to wait for it to heal,” Welker told Latzke. “We didn’t have to do surgery on it.”

This really isn’t good news or bad news. It’s old news. Welker’s story now matches up with what was originally reported — That he suffered, in essence, the same injury Tom Brady did 16 months earlier.

And as such, he went through an almost identical process to what Brady endured. He waited for the MCL to heal, then had surgery to fix the ACL, just as his quarterback had.

So after this thing got chewed up and spit out a couple times, we’re right back where we were in the first place. Rehab’s going good. No real timetable. We’ll see.


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