Door finally shut on Spygate?


In 2007, New Jersey lawyer Carl Mayer — a Jets season-ticket holder — filed suit against the Patriots, seeking damages for paying to see games that were “essentially rigged” in the wake of Spygate.

And it dragged on. And on. And on.

Finally, we have a resolution. According to the Associated Press, a U.S. appeals court upheld a district judge’s decision to dismiss the case. Mayer had been seeking a pretty substantial amount of cash. Try $185 million for Jets fans alone.

“We do not condone the conduct on the part of the Patriots and the team’s head coach, and we likewise refrain from assessing whether the NFL’s sanctions (and its alleged destruction of the videotapes themselves) were otherwise appropriate,” Senior Judge Robert E. Cowen wrote for the three-judge panel.

The judge ruled, basically, that the fans only had the right to those seats for those games, and that right had been honored. He also mentioned the record $750,000 in fines, calling the figure a “whopper”, and docked first-round pick incurred (perhaps the biggest price, given a loaded second round in 2008), though he didn’t refrain from calling the incident a “horrendous violation.”

And all this came on the heels of Arlen Specter’s defeat last night.

Which would seemingly wrap a bow on all of this.


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