Springs takes on reports of failed physical


CB Shawn Springs was released by the Patriots yesterday, and reflected on his time with the team shortly thereafter.

Reports then surfaced this morning that a failed physical contributed to his release.

Colleague Christopher L. Gasper reached Springs a short time ago and, as Chris posted on his Twitter account, the veteran responded to those reports by saying, “Anybody who had offseason surgery would fail a physical now.”

In the end, it’s hard to see where a knee scope would precipitate a player’s release. The idea that Springs advanced yesterday, which we’d surmised earlier, makes a whole lot more sense: The team wanted to get its young corners better opportunities to play.

The answer might come in the fall, when the level to which Springs can still play should be apparent, assuming he’s in good enough shape to make a team.

But the truth is, he did a pretty decent job last year for the Patriots, in the opportunities he was given, particularly down the stretch. In fact, when the coaches needed someone to match up with Andre Johnson in January, it was Springs they called on.

Giving young players a chance to perform would be a perfectly good and routine reason to cut a 35-year-old player. But as for the idea that he can’t play physically, or that he was some kind of problem in the locker room (his teammates clearly liked him, and he’d been a leader in Washington) … That’s a little harder to swallow.


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