Bringing the big game home?


When the idea of building a dome in Southie (remember that?) died in ’90s, so too, it seemed, did the notion of ever having a Super Bowl in Boston.

Or did it?

At this week’s spring meeting in Dallas, the vote for Super Bowl XLVIII is atop the agenda (along with expanding the new overtime format to the regular season), and the top contender is the new, open-air Meadowlands Stadium. Can you guess who’s all for it? That’s right, Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

“I’m a big supporter of having the Super Bowl in New York,” Kraft told Newsday’s Bob Glauber. “It doesn’t matter what the weather is. It’s a
great place. It’s a great boost for the city. It’s a reward to the
people and fans in New York.”

Read between the lines there … The weather doesn’t matterIt’s a reward to the fans … And you can see where Kraft might see a potential door opening. Remember, part of the reason to hold this thing in Jersey would be to subsidize the cost of the $1.6 billion football palace, which was paid for privately by the Giants and Jets. Gillette Stadium is also privately financed.

What’ll be just as interesting as the seemingly inevitable decision to award the game to the Meadowlands is what the commish has to say about the impact of the decision, and whether or not he closes door on cold-weather Super Bowls in the future. We’ll be keeping an eye on that.


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