Door ajar on more Northern Super Bowls


Is the door open on future Super Bowls in cold-weather cities, beyond just New York in 2014?

Patriots president and COO Jonathan Kraft thinks it could be. Caught Kraft as he was hustling out of the Omni here in Dallas, and he said that, at the very least, the league is floating one heck of a trial balloon.

“I think New York will create a great opportunity to see what it’ll be like,” Kraft said. “And I’m sure if things go well in New York, New York might well want to pursue it in the future after that. I know (Redskins owner) Dan (Snyder) is interested in it. Dan’s pretty excited about it, Washington’s not as far North as Boston, so it might make a little more sense.”


Snyder, riding with Kraft to the airport, affirmed that thought, saying quickly that he plans to bid “sometime in the future.” But Kraft was quick to throw a wet-blanket on the idea that the Patriots might follow suit.

“I think for us it’s probably, realistically, not going to happen,” Kraft said. “We’re happy for New York and I think the New York Super Bowl will give our fans a chance, if they’d like, it’ll make going to the Super Bowl an easier experience, which was definitely something we were thinking about too. You can drive down from Boston. They’ve built a beautiful stadium and it’s a great city.”

Snyder’s tone was different.
“I think eventually we’ll have one,” he said. “I think New York will do a great job of demonstrating what a big-time city can do. I think when they host the game, people will be surprised that the weather’s not that cold and, quite frankly, we might get lucky, in which case it would a fantastic showpiece for outdoor stadiums.”
Either way, Kraft seemed genuinely happy for the Jets and Giants, whom the Patriots have been supportive of throughout this process.
“I think they made a great presentations and a number of people were sold on the fact that it’s a first-class stadium in a first-class city, the greatest city in the world after each of our home cities – Yeah, make sure you include that part,” Kraft said with a smile. “And I think everyone wants to give it a try and experience it. That was why.”

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