NY governor savors Tyree catch

Perhaps New York Gov. David Paterson is a genuine football fan. Or perhaps he’s just a politician telling his constituency what he thinks it wants to hear.

Either way, the ears of Patriots fans would probably perk up had they heard his comments this morning at during press conference the day after New York was awarded the 2014 Super Bowl.

According to ESPN New York’s Jane McManus, Paterson concluded his speech by reminiscing about his favorite Super Bowl moment for each of the two teams that will call the new stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. home.

Now, we’re presuming his favorite Jets moment came from Super Bowl III, when Joe Namath backed up his legendary guarantee, since . . . well, since the Jets have no other Super Bowl moments. (Zing!)


As for his favorite Giants Super Bowl moment, McManus tweeted this:

[Paterson] ended with two fave SB moments, one for each team, and last was [receiver] David Tyree’s catch, “wiping that smirk off of Belichick’s face.”

We’ll spare you footage of the Tyree catch. We know our constituency, too.

However, in a completely unrelated note (honest), here’s a recurring spoof of Gov. Paterson from “Saturday Night Live.”

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