Randy Moss separating from agent?

Randy Moss.jpg

Patriots WR Randy Moss and agent Tim DiPiero have a relationship going all the way back to the star’s high school days, when DiPiero was Moss’ attorney in a case stemming from a much-publicized brawl.

At least from a business standpoint, that relationship appears to be coming to an end.

Moss has dropped DiPiero as his agent, according to NFLPA records, and according to Pro Football Talk, is actively looking for a replacement. This isn’t all that unusual a measure for a player in Moss’ spot — With age becoming an issue and one last contract being the goal. Dolphins RB Ricky Williams recently hired Drew Rosenhaus, after deciding to try and extend his playing career past the 2010 season. Williams said that Rosenhaus’ South Florida connections were the reason for the move.

Moss, if you remember, expressed his belief in February that 2010 will be last year in New England. He turned 33 in February.


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