Buddy Farnham has a heck of a role model


Eleven years ago, an undersized receiver arrived in New England from Brown as an NFL longshot.

Sean Morey’s still standing, having joined
Pete Carroll — who brought him into the league in 1999 — in Seattle for another season as a special teams ace. And back near Morey’s hometown of Marshfield, another Massachusetts kid from Brown is trying to make it on to the Patriots roster and find a way into the NFL the same way he did.

Morey’s made it a point to try and help Buddy Farnham, who got a contract after being a try-out player at the team’s rookie minicamp, in that quest.

“He came out here and visited, and trained with the athletes getting ready for the draft in Arizona,” Morey said, after we talked for the Carroll piece that ran the other day. “And for three days straight, I told him everything I wish I was told 11 years ago. I tried to make it not just about football. It was about keeping football in the proper perspective, and also what it took for me to make it and the things I had to learn the hard way.

“I told him not to be afraid to put himself out there, and get to know his teammates, because the people in the NFL are some of the finest people I’ve ever met. You can learn a lot from people who may give the impression they don’t want to be bothered. In the NFL, there’s a lot of pride and uncertainty, but if you approach people and handle them with integrity and respect, you can learn a lot about life, not just football.”

Their stories are a little different. Morey was drafted (seventh round) while Farnham was on the fringes of even getting a shot. But Morey’s stories of being cut repeatedly, working odd jobs to stay available for football, and playing in NFL Europe can provide someone like Farnham with an example in determination.

Farnham impressed Morey by going through a workout called “Festivus” — “It’s a bear,” Morey says — at Fischer Sports in Arizona during their time together.

“He’s a kid of few works, but he’s a tough, humble, hard worker,” Morey said. “And if he’s in the right place at the right time, he can compete for a job and have a long career in the NFL. I think it says something that he could go into a minicamp with Bill Belichick — who’s got some pretty serious football acumen and experience — as a tryout guy and earn a roster spot. That says a lot, that he’s able to change perception.”


As for what Morey sees in Farnham as a player, the comparisons are justified, according to the elder Brown Bear. Which is a big reason why Morey believes Farnham’s got a real shot.

“Everyone in football, it’s a very driven, small class of people that have that ability to make sacrifices and be accountable,” Morey said. “It’s a great fraternity and because he’s got those qualities, I think Buddy has a chance to be very successful within it. And I do think he and I are a lot alike. He’s more sudden and quick off the ball, and he’s got a big upper body. He’s strong, aggressive, a worker.”

So it’s safe to say that while Morey’s re-acclimating himself to Carroll’s program out in Seattle, he’ll be taking a periodic peeks at what’s happening back home.

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