What to expect at ‘joint practices’


When Tom Brady and Co. go South for a day of practices and a preseason game, it’ll give Falcons QB Matt Ryan a chance to re-acquaint himself with the quarterback he’s most compared to, and Bill Belichick and Thomas Dimitroff an opportunity to “rock out” again.

What else should we expect?

Falcons coach Mike Smith addressed the subject this week, in regards to both the team’s workouts with the Patriots and its earlier sessions with his old team, the Jaguars.

“They are going to be combined practices,” Smith said, per D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “When I say combined practices, we are going to go through our normal practice schedule that we do. The only difference will be we’ll have two skull [sessions] going on at one time, two 9-on-7s and two team [sessions]. So there will be two fields where we are working against each other.”

Despite that kinda dry explanation, these are pretty entertaining to watch, if you haven’t see one before. And you guys will have that chances during the second week of August when the Super Bowl champion Saints come North.


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