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Patriots QB Tom Brady (pictured there at a past BestBuddies Challenge with his long-time pal Katie Meade) has never entered an offseason as starter without off-the-charts expectations.

It started in 2002, and has gone pretty much straight through since.

So coming off a crushing playoff loss, and with so many young faces around, have things changed in that regard for Brady? Maybe, maybe not. But it seems like he’ll be happy to sneak up on some people.

“The thing is, every year is a new year for us,” Brady said. “It’s like, what happened last year, it doesn’t matter. You could come in last place – it doesn’t matter, no one cares. As soon as the season starts, everyone’s on the same field and a lot of teams that you think are going to be good, they’re not very good. A lot of teams that you think aren’t going to be good are good.

“It’s just a matter of the chemistry, how everything comes together, and we’ve had plenty of those years where they’ve come together and some where you thought, ‘man, it was going to be a lot better and it wasn’t.’So I’m hoping this is one of the years where we really go out there … there’s a lot of people making noise and I kind of like sitting back a little bit and letting other teams have the attention.”

One thing Brady has had to do this offseason, as opposed to the past, is make up for some lost time. Splitting his time between the West Coast, where his two sons live, and Boston has been a challenge, but he thinks he’ll be able to get re-acclimated with the guys just fine.

“A lot of them know me pretty well,” he said. “The rookies, they don’t, so that takes some time, but some of the veterans guys I’ve known, I’ve met Torry (Holt) before. A lot of it is just catching up. It’s all about developing trust. And so hopefully we do that.”

But outside of guys like Holt, and certainly separate from players like Wes Welker and Randy Moss (to whom he needs no introduction), there are plenty of younger skill players that Brady could be seen directing around the practice field last week.

All part of the process, the quarterback said.


“Guys come from different places, they
have their own way of doing things, their own style, their own technique, and
they can bring their own,” Brady said. “It’s just a matter of going out there and doing it (together with them).”

Brady and Co. get back out there on Monday to start the final two weeks of the offseason program. So there’s still plenty of work left before these guys break for summer.

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