Jets ‘virtually’ better than the Patriots

Madden 2011.jpg

So this stuff doesn’t mean much … But before you say it doesn’t matter, remember that it kinda does to players. has ferreted out the team rankings for Madden NFL 2010, which will be released on August 10, and posted them here. Been meaning to pass them along — since I’ve been playing Madden for almost two decades now (it’s not childish … it’s a generational thing!!!) — but’s AFC East man Tim Graham beat me to the punch.

What do the game developers think of the Patriots? A little less than they did last year. And while they still see the club as solid (8th overall in the NFL), they’re among those feeling as if New England’s grip on the AFC East has loosened.

The Jets have the division’s highest rating, with an 89 (out of 100). Only the Saints, Colts and Ravens outrated them. After the Jets, you have the Vikings, Packers and Cowboys, before you get to the Patriots, lodged in a tie with the Bengals at 8th with an 86 rating. … So they can go head, click on the link above, print it out and stick it on the bulletin board.

Like I said, the rankings don’t mean squat (or at least I hope they do, because my AFC East frontrunner, Miami, got a 79), but figured I toss ’em out there anyway. Feel free to complain about them in the comments section.


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