Report: Pats issue letter to Mankins


In a story in the Denver Post today on Elvis Dumervil, the paper’s football man, Mike Klis, indicates that Patriots G Logan Mankins is among the NFL players that has been sent a letter indicating his team’s intent to cut his tender offer on June 15, the first day it is allowed by the league, to 110 percent of his 2009 salary.

That would Mankins’ salary number would fall from $3.268 million to $1.54 million for 2010 if he doesn’t sign the tender before the June 15 deadline.

Here’s the way I’m told that all this works — Teams have to send form letters out to the players (the Broncos sent one to Dumervil, the Chargers did the same with Marcus McNeill and Vincent Jackson) declaring their intent to exercise the option to lower tender offers to their restricted free agents. The player then must sign his tender on or before June 14, or the tender is adjusted to the lower number.

Bottom line: This could cost Mankins $1.728 million for 2010. And also create some ill-will in negotiations.

The Patriots start their veteran minicamp on June 15. The next step in all this will happen before then.


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