Voices heard: Belichick over Parcells


The votes have been tallied up from the Belichick vs. Parcells vote on Tim Graham’s blog over ESPN.com, and the Battle of the Bills has a clear winner.

It’s Belichick.

And it was resounding up here in the Northeast corner of the country. Belichick collected 92 percent of the votes from Massachusetts, 89 percent of the votes from Vermont and 84 percent of the votes from Rhode Island. Parcells was able to win New York (54 percent) and New Jersey (53 percent).

One thing’s for sure: This debate stoked the fire. In the end, 10,100 people voted, with Belichick taking 57 percent overall, a wider percentage than he had when we blogged on it a couple days ago. And over 800 people left comments on the post on Tim’s blog.

But as impassioned as the debate seemed to be, the vote made the winner pretty clear (and gave us a chance to pull that photo out of the SI Vault one more time).


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