Author of ‘absolute miracle’ may retire


Even David Tyree calls ‘The Catch’ an “absolute miracle”.

What else is amazing about it? It might have been his final one as an NFL player. Yup, Tyree — who played a large part in dashing the Patriots’ dream of a 19-0 season — is considering calling it quits after battling through injury and fighting for his professional life in the two-plus years since the Giants’ Super Bowl win.

“It is very likely I could shut it down and I won’t have any qualms
about it,” Tyree told reporters at the Giants facility. “Like I said two years ago, if everything
ended with this, I’d have to be happy, amazingly happy. This has been a
crazy ride.”

And if it’s over, then here’s another twist: His final win as a pro would be a postseason upset of the Patriots, but not the one he became famous in. Tyree toiled as a special-teamer for the Ravens last year, wearing Plaxico Burress’ No. 17 (which brings to mind another image from that game) in tribute to his friend, and was part of the Baltimore rout in Foxborough in January. During that week, he discussed ‘The Catch’ with our own Michael Vega.

“I’m sure they don’t show that anymore in New England,” he said. “It’s probably been banned
from television there.”

But there is one thing that he’ll agree with you guys on — The play itself was, well, kinda fluky. “It was an absolute miracle,” he said.


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