Fun with photos: Linking up Moss, KG


Probably a pretty high percentage of the people reading this blog are pretty amped about tonight’s Game 5 between the Celtics and Lakers.

Randy Moss will be right there with you — and not just because he’s a big hoops fan, and a former Mr. Basketball in the state of West Virginia.

Moss has long been friendly with Celtics forward Kevin Garnett, going back to when the two were the signature athletes in the state of Minnesota. That picture, to the left, is from an issue of SI for Kids earlier this decade, and it wasn’t the only one those two did.

There was also this shot for the cover of a 2000 issue of the now defunct Sport magazine, when Moss was coming off a monster rookie year and Garnett was established as one of the NBA’s best, even in his early 20s.

Pretty amazing how, 10 years later, those guys are more than 1,000 miles away from where they were, yet still down the street from one another.


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