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Mankins wants to be traded


Logan Mankins has less than seven hours left to sign his restricted free agent tender, before the Patriots can slice $1.728 million off that offer.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

Mankins is looking to be traded, and does not plan on signing the $3.268 million tender he was presented in March that, in essence, took him off the free agent market. The two-time Pro Bowler declined further comment on the matter.

The story was first reported by ESPN Boston, which had some strong comments from Mankins on his contract issues.

If Mankins doesn’t sign the tender by 11:59 p.m. ET tonight, the team can lower his tender to $1.54 million — a measure it plans to take. Mankins isn’t alone. Chargers Pro Bowler Vincent Jackson is doing the same thing, and at a heavier cost (he’ll have his number slashed from $3.268 million to $600,000).


So what does this mean going forward?

If Mankins doesn’t sign his tender, he doesn’t risk fines for skipping minicamp, which starts tomorrow, or training camp. He also wouldn’t be subject to the 30-day rule, which states that players under contract must report by Aug. 10 (30 days to the NFL opener) to accrue the season towards free agency.
Mankins really wouldn’t have to show until Week 10, though he would lose chunks of salary with each regular season game sat out, to have the season count towards free agency.
The downside, of course, is the cut in salary. But Mankins’ feelings are likely similar to Jackson’s — If you have no intention of planning to play under the tender to begin with, then what does it matter if they cut that number?
It’s also important to remember that it is, indeed, June. So there’s time … But for now, it looks like Mankins is at the end of his rope.


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