Belichick won’t address Mankins situation

The sun rises in the East, Al Davis is still crazy, and Bill Belichick refuses to discuss disgruntled players — all things that never change.

That’s how it was again this morning, as Belichick fielded several questions about guard Logan Mankins and the veteran’s desire to be traded because he is unhappy with the way New England has treated him.

Asked if he is surprised a stalwart player like Mankins would be so upset he wants to be traded, Belichick replied: “Right now we’re just focused on coaching the players that are here. We’ll go out and get things done, hopefully have a good practice today. A situation between anybody and club, a contract situation, that’s between player and club.”


That refrain was repeated several other times, as the coach was asked when the last time he spoke to Mankins was, and whether Mankins had told the club directly of his desire to be traded.

New England is heading onto the field now for day one of its full-team, mandatory mini-camp and we’ll have more updates once the day’s activities have ended.

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