Teammates mum on Logan’s stand


It’s a pretty good bet that Logan Mankins’s  teammates have an idea on how principled their Pro Bowl guard is. So they’re probably aware of where he’s coming from on this whole contract issue.

But those guys also know well enough to stay out of another player’s financials. So what we heard from the players today is what you always hear from guys about another guy’s negotiations — Not. My. Business.

“I’m not gonna touch that area,” said nose tackle Vince Wilfork, who worked through his own contract situation not too long ago. “That’s for Logan to address. I’m gonna leave it like that.”


One of Mankins’s offensive linemates, Stephen Neal, took it one step further.

“I have no cable or internet at my house, so I’ve just been watching movies,” Neal joked. “I don’t even know what’s happened – to be dead honest, I don’t even know. So I need to get a paper or something so I can read up on what’s going on.

“No, he’s got a situation. My situation is I’m here, trying to get a role on this team, I’m trying to prove myself, so that’s my focus right now.”

Before I could get around to asking Steve what movies he was checking out, he put the whole deal in perspective, as someone who’s been around this team for almost a decade and has seen plenty of “situations” in his time.

“Each and every year, there’s a lot of pieces that change, and you can sit there and think about, ‘What if he’s here, or he’s there? What if he’s not?’” Neal said. “But that’s not my job, that’s you guy’s job. My job is to go out here and try to improve each day, and do what the coaches ask of me.


“That’s my role and I’m trying to have a role this year.”

Wilfork had similar feelings, and didn’t feel much like comparing his situation from last year to someone else’s now.

“Everybody goes through things in life, and some people handle it different,” Wilfork said. “People choose to do it different ways. However you do it, that’s how you do it. I’m not here to say anyone’s right or wrong in how they handle their business, that’s just how they handle.

“But once again, my focus is not on that. My focus is coming to work every day, looking at film, looking at the opponents we have to face, which are some good opponents, and trying to put together another good season. That’s my goal, and that’s gonna be my goal for the rest of the season. So each day, that’s how I’m coming on this field, preparing to get better as an individual and as a team.”

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