Warren closing in on degree

wilfork warren.jpg

Ty Warren returned to the practice field yesterday. And because of what he’s done off the field the last few months, he attracted a pretty substantial crowd of media following the workout.

He knows his is a good story, surely, and the big defensive lineman knows he did the right thing this offseason — eschewing a $250,000 workout bonus to get his degree and prepare for his post-football life. But where all of us saw it as such an admirable move, Warren downplayed all that.

That, it seems, was kind of the idea of all this. He wanted to set the example for his kids that this wasn’t what he wanted to do. It’s what he had to do.

“You don’t get pats on the back for what you’re supposed to do, and in my eyes that’s what I was supposed to do,” he said. “It’s like on the field, if I go out and make a tackle, I’m not going to jump up every time I make a tackle.

“I’m excited I made the tackle, but that’s what I’m supposed to do. So it isn’t a big deal. I’ll throw a party when I graduate but I ain’t threw a party yet.”

Shalise has the rest of the story right here from today’s Globe.


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