Patriots break out ’85s for Turkey Day


Yesterday, it was announced that the Patriots would wear their new alternate jersey — the 1985 throwbacks — on Halloween. And we surmised that the other date (they’re allowed two in their “third” jersey) would be on Thanksgiving against the Lions, because Detroit, Dallas and their opponents often wear the vintage unis that day.

Turns out, that’s exactly what’s happening.

The team announced this morning on its official Twitter feed that the ’85s will be broken out for the holiday game in Detroit, in addition to the Vikings tilt in October. The Patriots also passed along pictures showing the jerseys (that, to the right, is Troy Brown on Thanksgiving 2002).

Did notice there’s quite a split in opinion over the old look. And since things are pretty quiet right now, feel free to toss your two cents in down in the comments section … Do you like the retro alternates or not?


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