Patriots rookies won’t be alone


All the NFL’s neophytes will arrive in Carlbad, Calif. today for the annual rookie symposium, which runs through Wednesday and is a mandatory orientation program to prepare the players for what’s ahead.


Devin McCourty’s on his way, Tweeting this morning …Up early on the way to San Diego for the rookie symposium.

One of the guys McCourty and the rest of the rookies will be listening to is Tedy Bruschi. Bruschi will join Tony Richardson, Marco Coleman and Lorenzo Neal in leading a seminar on Tuesdeay night entitled “What defines success”.

“There are a lot of different levels of rookies there, from the first rounders to the seventh rounders,” Bruschi said. “One message I want to pass on is, ‘Success for a lot of you will mean just making the team.’ Yeah, you’ve got your rookie symposium backpack and your t-shirt. But some of you still have a lot to do just to become a part of this league. The work’s just starting.”

Bruschi’s keeping himself pretty busy, these days. Like everyone else working in and around the NFL, he’ll get some time off soon. But just last week, he ran his camp, and he also was sworn in to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.

Caught up with him a little yesterday not only about the symposium, but also being part of that council, which is a pretty meaningful thing for him. You can read more about that in this story that ran in this morning’s Globe.

You can sense talking to him that making a difference with kids is a pretty big passion of his, and he sees no greater place where he can do some good than in encouraging healthy lifestyles.

“I think America is a fast food culture,” he said. “And with that comes childhood obesity. The rate of childhood obesity is on the rise, and that’s what we’re fighting to prevent. … The group of kids we reach, I hope they can take the lessons we’re teaching for the rest of their lives. That’s what I want out of it, teaching them about good nutrition, and being active and healthy.”

So click through and check it out. Pretty exclusive group Bruschi was selected for, and pretty good cause they’re fighting for.


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