Get your Madden ’11 player ratings!!!


Maybe you’ll think this post is irrelevant … But the players that you follow? They don’t. They care about these things, and the EA Sports people who take a ton of complaints over player ratings from the guys themselves can attest to that.


We gave you the team rankings a few weeks ago. Now we have the players ratings.

The Patriots have six guys with rankings of 90 or above — QB Tom Brady (95), WR Randy Moss (95), LG Logan Mankins (95), NT Vince Wilfork (95), WR Wes Welker (91) and K Stephen Gostkowski (91). Mankins and Wilfork, as the guys at point out, are the two highest-ranked Patriots among their peers, coming in at second overall at left guard and defensive tackle, respectively.

There are also some guys on the Patriots roster that might be among those making calls to the game producers with some point commentary on the ratings. Our pal Tim Graham has his own commentary on the ratings of all the AFC East teams right here.

One thing that kills me in all this is the newest category in the ratings: Swagger. Brady is second among all players in the game in that one, with a 96 rating. Kind of brings to mind Brady’s line to Robert Kraft from 2000, which you can find in this video right here“I just want to tell you, it’s one of the best decisions you ever made, picking me.”

Anyway, the game comes out August 10.


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