McCourty’s twin making a splash


Our Twitter pal Will pointed my attention to this story in the Tennessean on the Titans’ “offseason winners”.

Why should you care? Well, because the twin brother of Patriots’ first-round pick Devin McCourty seems to be turning some heads down there. Writer Jim Wyatt included Jason McCourty (a sixth-round pick in 2009), identifying him in the secondary while adding that “The starting job opposite Cortland Finnegan is now his to lose.”

Jason started three games last year, and Devin was seen by many as a very similar player. It’s clear the Titans have gotten a big-time return on Jason, whom they had a high grade on. And so you have to wonder if that hit affected Devin’s rise up draft boards through late 2009 and into 2010.

I consulted Pro Football Weekly’s draft guides from the last two years to look a little more into this, and compare what was written on each twin.

It was interesting, to say the least.

Jason McCourty: Could warrant interest as a nickel and dime defender and kickoff returner, where he showed promise late in the season.

Devin McCourty: Lean, athletic, quick-footed cornerback with legit speed, movement skills and explosion to match up at the next level. Ordinary ball skills limit his ceiling, but should be able to contribute readily as a core special-teams player and nickel defender. Low-risk selection with starter potential.

It’s becoming pretty clear that a lot of people undervalued Jason, and it’s pretty obvious that helped Devin from an exposure standpoint with scouts. And from the looks of it (remember, Devin was taking some first-team reps by the end of the spring), both guys have pretty serious NFL futures.


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