What does Big Vince need help with???


See that T-shirt to your right? Vince Wilfork, through the Patriots, sent those out to media types in the area.

As you can see, it reads “Help Vince” with the date “7/15/10” and a plug for the team’s Web site underneath that. Inside the “N” is the likeness of a Patriot Super Bowl ring from the franchise’s last title, won in February 2005.

So what does it all mean? We’re not quite sure yet. On Twitter, @MmMmmBlueLabel guessed that it was some sort of charitable endeavor involving Wilfork’s ring.

Not a bad guess.

Anyone else want to take a shot at what Big No. 75 is trying to pull off here? Free subscription to the blog to whomever gets it right!

UPDATE (4:21 p.m.): This hit, and probably has nothing to do with anything. But July 15 would’ve been the deadline for Wilfork, carrying the franchise tag, and the team to reach a long-term deal. That, of course, has been taken care of. So the above guess from a reader remains the best one I’ve seen.


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