Where do the Patriots rank in sports?

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Just got an email from the ESPN the Magazine publicity folks, pushing their “Ultimate Standings” issue, which hits newsstands and mailboxes tomorrow.

For those unfamiliar, ESPN annually evaluates every franchise in sports, and “”driven by research and fan feedback, looks at MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL franchises’ affordability, bang for the buck, coaching, fan relations, ownership, players, stadium experience and title track to establish a ranking of all 122.” And as for the results …

The Patriots come in 46th overall, which puts them 11th among NFL teams, but falls short of their own lofty standards. The club came in 11th overall in 2008 and 19th last year. Here’s a little more on how the WWL came to its conclusions on these. The Top 10 for 2009 were …

1. New Orleans Saints
2. Orlando Magic
3. Los Angeles Angels
4. Indianapolis Colts
5. Pittsburgh Penguins
6. Tampa Bay Rays
7. San Antonio Spurs
8. Detroit Red Wings
9. Green Bay Packers
10. Cleveland Cavaliers

And here, in case you were wondering, are how the NFL teams landed 1-32 in the overall scope: Saints (1), Colts (4), Packers (9), Cardinals (19), Ravens (20),Steelers (28), Texans (32), Falcons (36), Titans (37), Panthers (39), Patriots (46), Jets (50), Eagles (52), Dolphins (58), Vikings (59), Giants (66), Cowboys (67), Jaguars (71), 49ers (77), Broncos (80), Chargers (81), Seahawks (83), Bears (86), Bengals (90), Chiefs (95), Buccaneers (99), Bills (101), Redskins (105), Browns (108), Lions (112), Rams (114), Raiders (115).

The Patriots did maintain top dog status among local entries. The Celtics came in 68th, the Red Sox were 74th and the Bruins were 76th. I’m sure there’ll be some disagreement with all this in these parts, so have at it in the comments section.


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