Bodden, Ochocinco ready for Sept. 12


Before a lot of people knew who Leigh Bodden was, and before a certain famous name changed, the then-Chad Johnson would openly let people know how much respect he had for this corner from the arch rival Browns. Before one Browns-Bengals game back in 2006, in fact, Johnson said he hoped Bodden would be healthy enough to play, and not because it would make things easier on him.

“That is a great challenge for me, to be able to go up against him,”
Johnson said back then. “Going against certain cornerbacks, you don’t play a guy
like Bodden each week. You don’t always get a Bodden, Champ Bailey or
the DeAngelo Halls. You get them every so often.”

On Sept. 12, Bodden and Chad Ochocinco (different name, same guy) will renewed their old AFC North rivalry. But they’re not waiting til then to mix it up. Through their respective Twitter accounts, the two got after it this morning. Here’s how it went …

@OGOchoCinco: Just finished this mornings #WAMW workout headed to eat breakfast, on 95 jammin #Adele song entitled #chasingpavements doing 50 slow

@LeighBodden: u better believe I’m up training

does it frustrate to train so hard and still #fail when trying to stop me, even with safety help every play #justaskin

@LeighBodden: It frustrates me when I work so hard & #succeed vs U. Sometimes I feel bad cuz ur such a great guy. #Itsjustbusinesstho

Awesome. Not sure that Leigh didn’t try to get this going last night, with this Tweet (UPDATE 3:23 p.m.Actually it was ChadApparently he wants to give Bodden his autograph). Either way, eventually, the fire got lit. Hopefully, we can help instigate this further at a later date.

For now, know there’s plenty of mutual respect between these two. Here’s a little more from what Johnson told the Cincinnati press back in ’06: “He is one of the best cover corners that I have gone against. He ranks right up there with Champ (Bailey), DeAngelo (Hall) and Nate Clements because of his ability to cover a small area of the field with no help.”


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