Mangini wants to make amends

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Last September, on the Friday before the Browns-Vikings season opener, Eric Mangini told me that he wanted to make amends with his mentor, Bill Belichick, and that he hoped the two could work things out down the line.

He seemed dead serious. And Mangini isn’t afraid to say it again.

In Pro Football Talk’s well-put-together preview magazine, Mangini spoke with PFT grand poobah Mike Florio and there was plenty of talk on his time with the Patriots (he revealed that Belichick gave him playcalling duties for six games way back in 2000), subsequent exit and the relationship fracture between the two coaches.

“He and I haven’t really talked,” Mangini told Florio. “When I talk about him, he was my mentor. He taught me everything, and I respect him tremendously. That’s not (BS). That’s how I feel. I hope at some point, we’ll be able to sit down and talk about things and get back to a better relationship. It’s not there right now, but at some point, things have a tendency to roll back.”

Mangini told the story about how he was ready to become offensive line coach at Trinity in Connecticut, after working as a go-fer in Cleveland, before Belichick called to offer him a job as a coaching assistant with the Browns.

And he seemed grateful for that, too.

“Bill, to me, he’s the best,” Mangini said. “He called it in Cleveland, ’20-20s’. Twenty years old, $20,000. The other term was ‘PhD’ — Poor, hungry and driven. So he gets young guys, he puts you in operations or he puts you wherever, and then you show that you have value, and then he may bump you up to another department. You show you have value, he bumps you up, and then, you know, you either survive and rise or you get cut out.”

Pretty good, in-depth story on Mangini in there by Florio. The only real punch pulled came in the Browns coach denying to talk about Spygate.

And there’s more, too, from the magazine we’ll be going over tomorrow.


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