Brady eligible for Holiday pay


Here’s comes another shot across the bow of anyone who has questioned Tom Brady’s level of commitment to football and his team.

Our pal Tim Graham, the AFC East beat man over at, recently talked with Tom Martinez, Brady’s long-time personal coach, about the quarterback’s 2009. And Martinez revealed that after an uneven month of play, and a slew of injuries, the Patriot captain felt his mechanics slipping and called for help.

On Christmas morning, with the rest of the club off, Brady and Martinez went to work.

“He had a broken finger and three broken ribs,” Martinez told Graham, confirming reports that Bill Belichick and Co. shot down. “He wasn’t throwing well. 
It’s one of those things where I can see right away what he’s
doing. He trusts me, so when I tweak him, it’s right back to where he
wants to be. Then, at that point, it probably is psychological.”

Brady responded the following Sunday by riddling the Jaguars for 267 yards and four touchdowns on 23-of-26 passing.

As for the finger and ribs, here’s something worth noting … The reason that news wasn’t more thoroughly clarified right after the season (that kind of stuff often comes out when there aren’t games left to worry about) is because Brady himself didn’t want it out there as an excuse. Bottom line: The last thing he wanted to do was pass the buck in a year where too much of that went on. And I think that says something for Brady, and the example he tries to set, and the way he leads.

Graham’s got plenty more on the relationship between Brady and Martinez, which is certainly an interesting one, and some interesting thoughts from Martinez about the ability for a coach to stand up to a star athlete and for a star athlete to take the teaching and improve. Make sure to click through and give it a read.


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