What do players do on vacation?


These are the weeks when the NFL goes quiet. Or, at least, relatively quiet.

So how are the players spending their time? Plenty of time on the beach, golf course, and at the bar, definitely. Some guys get quiet time, others trip up trying to stay out of the spotlight.

But they also have to keep themselves in shape, and that’s something the National Football Post’s Matt Bowen — an ex-player himself — points out in this column. Writes Bowen …

The month of July is crucial. Of course there is time left over in the day to grab a golf club, fish for walleye, hit the beach, etc. But, it has to be treated with care.

We have to understand that it is near impossible to recreate a training camp practice doing drills, lifting weights and so on. No matter how great of shape you think you are in when you report to camp, that first practice is still a beast—because of the hitting. But, to prevent an injury—hamstring, groin, etc.—you have to use this time to push yourself over the limit and finish each day without question that you treated it like a pro.

So the guys spend this time getting away, but can’t shut it down all the way because, as Tedy Bruschi pointed out last week, the countdown is on. And with that, sitting here in Terminal E at Logan, I’m getting set to do what a lot of you have wanted me to do for a while now — Leave the country.

We’ll be back in full force in a while, and you’ll be taken care of until then. Shalise and I collaborated on a series that’ll kick off tomorrow morning tackling the big question this team has facing it come training camp.

Hope everyone has a great Fourth.


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