Sammy Morris talks about his future and upcoming camp


As Patriots running back Sammy Morris enters his 11th season, he isn’t thinking about the end. Instead Morris said as long as a team will have him, he is ready to play.

In the weeks before training camp begins, Morris said he is sticking to his conditioning schedule and feels as good as any other year about the upcoming season.

“As long as they’ll still have me,” said Morris about how long he plans to play. “When I first got in the league I always said if I played 10 years that would be the best possible scenario. Now that I’ve passed that. I don’t look at it as I want to play until year 13 or whatever. Each year is its own entity.


“As long as I still feel good and as long as a team will still have me, I’m playing as long as I can. I felt as good going into this upcoming training camp as any other one.”

Morris took time to talk with reporters moments ago about his offseason training and his upcoming Sammy Morris Football Camp that will be July 15-17 at the Army Field in Foxborough.

Morris is teaming up with friend and former Washington Redskins linebacker Devin Lemons for the camp that will be a three-day event for players ages 8 to 18. For more information and to register visit

When Morris steps away from football, he said he can see a future as either a high school or college coach but he has no idea when that time will come. In the meantime, this camp gives him an opportunity to test his coaching skills and give youth players professional guidance.

“… There was never an NFL team or even player presence in the area when I was growing up,” said Morris, who grew up in San Antonio, Texas. “Really I got my work done just actually playing and practicing … and kind of looking back on it I always wished there was something else that I could have done to improve my skills early on and improve on the foundation.


“I’ve always found and felt there’s always room to improve and things you can learn and people you can learn from. I wanted to do that in an area that was special to me.”

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