Wilfork will reveal secret tomorrow


A couple weeks ago, Vince Wilfork sent a bunch of T-shirts to us media people, with the phrase “Help Vince”, the date “7/15/10” and the URL for the Patriots’ official Web site on them.

And since then, the Patriots’ Twitter account has been used to promote the big day. The latest shot is the one above, from the club’s locker room.

Well, “7/15/10” is tomorrow. The best guess I can come up with here is one passed along by a reader the day the t-shirt popped into my mailbox — That Vince Wilfork is auctioning off his Super Bowl ring (which appears on the shirt) for charity.

We’ll see.

UPDATE (2:48 p.m.): Wilfork might have answers for you tomorrow at 9 a.m. — He’ll be on 98.5 with my pals Toucher & Rich.


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