‘Help Vince’ game gets started

The Patriots and Vince Wilfork have been pushing the “Help Vince” campaign for a couple weeks now. But it wasn’t until this morning that we found what it’s all about.

In the video above, PR director Stacey James and Wilfork explain how the big nose tackle “lost his Super Bowl ring”. The story goes that a Jets fan attended Big Vince’s draft day fundraiser, and made off in a ’76 Pinto with his Super Bowl ring (indeed part of the story, as so many of you guessed, since the jewelry’s on the t-shirts).

The New York fan has passed a ransom video along to the team, shot from … yup … “Mom’s basement”.


So how’s Vince gonna get his ring back? You can go to the “Help Vince” page at the team’s Web site, and download the app for your smartphone to play the game and search for the ring.

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