Pair of 7s all to come from draft


Six rounds came and went with zero players taken in this afternoon’s supplemental draft. And it was easy to think maybe this year’s proceedings, as was the case in 2004 or 2008, would go without a player being taken.

That didn’t happen.

BYU RB Harvey Unga was first off the board in the seventh round, taken by the Bears to join a backfield already inhabited by Matt Forte and Chester Taylor. Illinois DT Josh Price-Brent (92) was tabbed by the Cowboys at the end of that round.

It’s possible the Patriots put in a seventh-round bid on Unga, since their priority in the round was lower than Chicago’s. But given where Price-Brent went, we know they didn’t bid on him.

And so ends “draft day”. Undrafted fullback Vaness Emokpae and running back Quentin Castille now become unrestricted free agents.


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