Welker works to “training mode”


Click here and get Wes Welker talking football and one heck of a bonus (Vic “The Brick” Jacobs running the interview).

The Patriot All-Pro was on Fox Sports Radio today — taking a minute from a Gatorade Player of the Year event — and he sounded optimistic on his ability to return from ACL surgery. And he dropped one pretty important detail into the discussion.

“It’s doing well,” he told Jacobs and Co. “Kind of plugging along, and trying to get in more of a training mode than a rehab mode. It’s been going good so far, just taking it a day at a time.”

Most of that is dry and non-committal. But the part about shifting from rehab mode into training mode isn’t.

At the Patriots’ spring camps, Welker was clearly being paced and monitored by the trainers, and shuffled off to the practice bubble when the players went into team drills. He wasn’t out of the woods yet.

But the inference that he’s training, and not rehabbing, would be a nice turning point for Welker and is further evidence that his availability for Week 1 against the Bengals is very much in play. It’s been written in this space that no one should be surprised if that happens, and that certainly doesn’t change with his words today.

Thanks to Evan Silva over at PFT for the heads up on this interview.


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