Patriots’ coverboy is plenty popular


Yearly, Harris Interactive runs a poll to get the public’s opinion on just who “America’s Favorite Sports Star” is.

In 2009, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady — coming off a torn ACL and rehabbing for almost the entire year previous — fell off the list.

In 2010, like he came back from that knee injury and a litany of other ailments during the year, Brady has come back. In the latest installment of the list, Brady ranks eighth. Here’s the Top 10 …

t-1) Kobe Bryant
t-1) Tiger Woods
3) Derek Jeter
4) Brett Favre
5) Peyton Manning
6) LeBron James
7) Michael Jordan
8) Tom Brady
9) Drew Brees
10) Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Pretty incredible, too, that football had as more players than basketball, or any other sport, considering the nature of the game normally de-emphasizes stars.


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