More on Brady’s contract situation


Tonight, ESPN’s Adam Schefter strikes a positive tone on the Tom Brady contract situation, reporting that a new deal is now “within reach”.

I can’t confirm that, right now. What I can confirm, and what was in my story this morning, is that talks had been ongoing.

Schefter writes of a “landmark deal” that might set the stage for deals involving Drew Brees, Donovan McNabb and, of course, Peyton Manning.

In reporting last week on all this, I found the idea there is that it might take a deal that has malleable dollars to adjust — both on the player’s side and the team’s — to any changes that come in the labor situation under a new CBA. That, to say the least, would be very difficult to do and there’s no telling whether it would be approved by the union and the management council.

That is why if the sides can reach such an agreement, it could provide a roadmap for others. The Colts and Peyton Manning, on the other hand, have worked through contingencies and seem to be setting up scenarios so they can move quicker when there is more certainty within the CBA.

“You talk through scenarios that you might think pass muster, and be
workable and flexible enough for the future,’’ Colts president Bill Polian said, as part the lead to our Sunday Notes. “And that’s
complex . . . [But] the goal is that we’d certainly like him to finish
his career with the Colts.’’

The timetable to get a deal done here is open-ended, as much because of the franchise tag as anything, but it is clear that if it’s going to happen in 2010, it most likely will have to happen before summer’s out. It will be more difficult (not impossible) to strike such a deal once the regular season starts.


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