Brady’s present … What does it mean?


Ten of the Patriots’ 12 rookies reported yesterday, Brandon Spikes and Devin McCourty (still working on their contracts) excluded. Brian Hoyer showed up too.

And Tom Brady was there, as well.

The significance of Brady punching a clock in Foxborough on Sunday is that, well, it’s business as usual for the Patriots quarterback. Really, there was never a question that he’d make it in on time (it was written repeatedly), and the ripple this caused shows how much this situation is pushing the needle.

Sunday, to be clear, was the reporting date for rookies and quarterbacks, with Wednesday the day that the rest of the veterans check in. More significant would be progress in negotiations. Like we wrote late last night, talks have been ongoing and, if a deal is to get done in 2010, it would be most likely have to happen before the start of the regular season.

Fox Sports was first to report on Brady making it to Foxborough.


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