Putting their chips on the table


NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi has, over the last few weeks, spent some time categorizing teams and players, and ranking them all.

The latest list is an interesting one. Lombardi recalls his time with Bill Belichick in Cleveland to lead into it. And with that backdrop, he puts values on the positions, and counts the number of “blue” and “red” chip guys each team has at each spot.

Then, he ranks the clubs through that point system. The Patriots — even with Wes Welker off the grid — came in fourth. Only the Saints, Steelers and Ravens outranked them.

Lombardi wrote: “This total comes from not having one of their best players in the count:
Welker. But, like the Chargers, there are assumptions in the total —
the biggest one being that Brady plays well and does not let the
distractions of his contract impact his play.”

Give the story a look, and also check out his player and team ratings.


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