Weighing McCourty with his peers

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The Patriots have an unsigned first-round draft pick, which makes them like everyone else in the league, except for Dallas (They started camp early, and Dez Bryant signed), and the Bears, Panthers, Vikings and Ravens (who didn’t have first-round picks).

So what gives? Well, we discussed the option-bonus issues before, something that the Cowboys got around by inserting a one-time, play-time incentive in Bryant’s deal, which the Patriots used in Rob Gronkowski’s contract.

But from what I understand now, the Bryant deal is a little unique in how the club guaranteed money in base salaries and may not apply as much to McCourty’s contract. The sides could use the Bryant deal for some framework, but it’s not as easy as plugging the numbers in, adjusting them and getting a couple pens ready.

So it may actually take a few more first-round contracts getting done first. With that in mind, we can look at the deals around McCourty’s to see where things stand …

The 25th pick was Tim Tebow, and since he’s a quarterback, his deal will likely be a bit different as well. Cardinals DT Dan Williams was the 26th pick, and Arizona is working on deals for Williams and second-round pick Daryl Washington with the goal of getting them in for the start of camp on July 31. Dolphins DE Jared Odrick, the 28th pick, is also in negotiations with his club, and the same goal is place there — Get him in on time. Miami opens camp on July 30.

If those deals get done soon, there’s a chance either could spark talks in the McCourty negotiations. Or, of course, vice versa.


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