Maroney upset about fumbles last season

FOXBOROUGH — Laurence Maroney is trying to put the miscues of last season behind him, but it wasn’t long before he was asked today about the four fumbles that plagued him last season.

They were the most in his career and as Maroney enters his fifth season, he didn’t try to make any excuses for losing the ball.

“It happens,” Maroney said. “Four years, that’s one a year if you ask me. It just happened all to come in one year, but hey, I’ll take that.

“That’s something that got away from me. I don’t really fumble that’s one thing that I been really thinking about and made me upset about last year but it’s one of those things that could easily be fixed.”


Eliminating fumbles means concentrating ball control and avoiding lazy habits, Maroney said. As Maroney enters the final season of his contract, he is looking to regain the confidence of the coaching staff after losing the ball at critical points last season.

“At the end of the day that’s a mental thing,” Maroney said. “Just holding the ball high and tight and never getting comfortable when you falling to the ground. That was mostly all my fumbles — falling on the way to the ground. … It wasn’t a guy just coming behind me and stripping the ball, it was just me being lazy.”

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