Meet the Patriots’ new left guard …


… Or old right tackle, depending on your viewpoint.

Nick Kaczur settled in at left guard, Logan Mankins’ old spot, early this spring and has played exclusively there since. It’s a position he’s never played in a game, so there is a learning curve. And now’s the time to work the kinks out.

“It’s definitely a little different, you have to shorten up your steps and things like that,” Kaczur said. But the biggest challenge?

“Honestly, it’s learning the plays, you’d think it’d be the same thing,” the sixth-year vet said. “But every time a play comes up, I still think of the tackle. I’m thinking, ‘No, I’m inside now.’ So it just changes to different linebackers and different things like that.”

Kaczur has flipped and flopped from right to left tackle and back before, so he’s used to change. Even if this one’s a little different.

“They’ve had me playing a bunch of different spots, so I’m kind of used to it,” he continued. “It’s another challenge for me, another opportunity to show what I can do and be diverse. That’s what I’m looking forward to doing.”

Of course, Mankins’ situation is hovering over this camp. But the other members of a tight-knit offensive line group weren’t going to go into that too much.

“Logan’s Logan,” Kaczur said. “I’m sure he’s doing well. And that’s about it. That’s his situation. You’re gonna have to talk to him.”

The line’s dean, Matt Light, added, “We’ve all faced it, and it’s part of the game, unfortunately. The only thing to that situation is that he’s a great teammate, always been a good teammate, guy that’s never missed a game. And we definitely miss not having that here.”

For now, though, Kaczur’s in and Mankins is out. And if Mankins returns?

“That’d be something we have to deal with when that time comes,” said Kaczur.


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