Belichick on Brady and Burgess

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Tom Brady will talk with us after this morning’s session. And so as part of Bill Belichick’s press conference, Brady’s offseason was a topic.

Let’s lead off with this … Was Brady’s 2010 offseason different than year’s past?

“You’d have to talk to him about his offseason,” Belichick responded, before conceding it was “a little different from the ’09 season.”

And we will ask Brady about his offseason in a little while. For now, though, we’re going off what Belichick told us, and what he said this morning was that this camp isn’t really all that different than last year’s for his quarterback, even if he was coming off a torn ACL then.

““I think we talked about that quite a bit, I don’t think the rehab was an issue, he was here from the first day of the offseason program through the passing camps and all that,” Belichick said. “He missed some time in training camp. But he was here from Day 1.”

As for now? “Every player’s really in about the same boat,” the coach continued. “They’ve all got a long way to go. … There’s a lot of things to work. We worked on some things in the spring and now is the time to start to develop timing and consistency, and the whole padded practices, feeling the rush, all those things that the quarterback has to deal with.

“Time Management, game management, and so forth and so on. Each year’s a
new year, we all start all over again every season. That’s the same for
every player. Tom works as hard as anyone does, he’s very professional
and has a great work ethic, he’s very intelligent, so I’m sure he’s done
all those things. But still, there’s no substitute for being out there
with the other 21 players and putting it together from a team

Bottom line: Brady’s showing up and going to work,
which is more than you can say for AWOL OLB Derrick Burgess right now.
Belichick confirmed what we reported in this morning’s Globe, which is
that the club was not informed that Burgess would be sitting out.


“Derrick, of course, wasn’t here yesterday,” Belichick said. “We expected him to be here, he’s not here. The situation certainly isn’t unprecedented. We’ll deal with it going forward. I’m not sure I know all the information I need to know, so that’s where it is for now.”

The team has placed Burgess on the “Did Not Report” list, and the next step would be to set a deadline for him to show up before terminating his contract.

Belichick didn’t let that kill his good mood, though. At the start of the press conference, he gleefully (for him) talked about getting back into the grind of football season and said, “There’s no place I’d rather be.”

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