Brady signs off on Sam Bradford’s deal


Last night, we wondered aloud on what Tom Brady thought about the $50 million guaranteed the Rams handed over to Sam Bradford.

Let’s just say he’s less than furious.

Brady popped on with Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan, during the “Moving the Chains” program on Sirius NFL Radio, and addressed the subject of a rookie deal that may just have boosted his own market.

“That’s the way the system’s been and who knows
what will happen in the future?,” Brady told Kirwan and Ryan. “
As players, we want the money going to the
players. If it’s rookies, it’s rookies. If it’s veterans, it’s

Brady then was asked about a rookie wage scale, and he was fine with that. With one big caveat: That it isn’t used to help the owners spend less overall on players. In essence, he wants the owners to be required to take that money and give it to the vets.

Brady said that if there’s a salary cap, and such a system allows clubs to spend further below that, “Then that doesn’t make much sense.” And as for his own contract status, the quarterback pledged to keep it from affecting his team.

“Whether it’s a contract or a family situation or
anything off the field, you owe it to your teammates
to get the job done at your position,” Brady said. “You can’t
bring that stuff to work. It’s not conducive to winning football. … You’d hate to squander an opportunity, because you don’t have many of them.”

And at end of that sound byte, Brady added this on his contract status, “How everything shakes out, who knows?”


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