Watch your back, rookie!!!


About a week ago, all the media guys I used to work with down in Dallas did a top-notch job stirring it up after rookie Dez Bryant refused to carry Roy Williams’ shoulder pads as part of his “initiation” to the NFL. The story grabbed national headlines, as so many things with that team do, then slowly faded away before dying when Bryant suffered a high ankle sprain the other day.

Really, it was pretty light-hearted stuff that Bryant probably took a little too seriously. Calling it “hazing” was, of course, a tad absurd as well.

But since it became a league-wide deal, it was only a matter of time before the Patriots guys started fielding questions on it … And Matt Light took a whack at the subject today.

“Lots of peace and happiness here at Patriot training camp,” Light joked. “It’s like a brotherhood. We don’t want to single anyone out. Have you every seen any hazing out here?”

When apprised that a few reporters had caught some rookies diving through a mud pit in the past, with Tom Brady wielding a hose and spraying them down, Light smirked and said, “That’s a training technique. Flexibility and how they operate under pressure … as in from a hose.”

And the haircuts? “I can’t think of an example where we’ve ever done any kind of hazing to a rookie,” the tackle responded. “I mean, those guys cut their own hair. So if you want to bring up those examples, that’s never been a veteran-led push. That’s really for aerodynamics and sweat control.”

Good thing these rookies got the vets to look out for them …


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