Extra Points

Quick hits from camp session #8


Once again, the temperature dropped a bit for the afternoon practice. Great for the players, though…

As the players were trickling onto the field at the start of practice, suddenly the amazingly cheesy 90s hit “I’m Too Sexy” started playing over the speakers – and at that moment, Tom Brady walked onto the field. Coincidence? Doubtful. Brady was laughing when he realized the gag.

Wes Welker was once again held out of full-team, contact work, though he did not do the type of resistance/route work he did this morning. Every pass he caught during route tree work drew cheers, though after his third or fourth catch the furor had died down a little – until Welker waved his arms to egg the crowd on. After the session, he signed autographs though it wasn’t the receivers’ turn to do so (it was the linebackers’ turn in the rotation).


The news of the afternoon was Gary Guyton limping off the field. Guyton slipped in coverage during 11-on-11 work and was slow to get up. Team trainers spent several minutes examining his left leg (Jerod Mayo and Bill Belichick came over to check on him) before he left the field.

Perhaps the most entertaining part of the afternoon was when Brady and Brian Hoyer were trying to hit a blue garbage can about 40-45 yards away and on the far sideline while the rest of the team went through special teams work. Each took 10 tries or so; Brady hit the barrel twice and Hoyer once.

As for who was and who wasn’t on the field: Ty Warren, Nick Kaczur, Matthew Slater and Thomas Williams weren’t spotted at all; Stephen Neal, Mike Wright, Jonathan Wilhite, Ron Brace, Bret Lockett, Thomas Clayton and Terrence Johnson were all on-field observers.

Shortly after the practice ended, the Patriots tweeted that 10,010 fans had attended the afternoon session, and over 17,000 total packed the stands and grass on Sunday.


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