Edelman focuses on being a receiver


FOXBOROUGH — Instead of preparing for the NFL combine this offseason, Julian Edelman was focused on being a receiver.

Edelman said he hopes being able to dedicate all of his energy to improving as a receiver will pay off in his second season.

Edelman, who was a quarterback at Kent State, said he watched film of Wes Welker, Randy Moss, and Jabar Gaffney in the offseason and took away something different from each player.

“Just because I’m a different receiver than Randy doesn’t mean I can’t take anything from him,” Edelman said. “There’s little two steps and little things here and there that can contribute to any receiver.”


Edelman took time out after the morning practice today to help promote a contest sponsored by RE/MAX of New England and the Patriots. If the Patriots break their single-season record of 75 touchdowns, a fan will win $500,000 toward the purchase of a house. For more information, visit http://www.remax-newengland.com.

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