Edelman among players learning variety of techniques


FOXBOROUGH — Julian Edelman working through a few pass-blocking drills with the running backs yesterday sparked a little chuckle out of running back Laurence Maroney. While Edelman may have looked out of place, Maroney wasn’t surprised to see the second-year receiver.

“It’s funny looking to me,” Maroney said. “He’s a receiver. You know, you don’t really to much see a receiver in the backfield pass-blocking but that’s a guy that basically does whatever the team asks him to do.

“Just to see him step up and take on that role says a lot about his character. It’s always good to see young guys do it and whatevfer I can do to help him, I’ll teach him. Julian is a funny guy and he’s a hardworker.


Edelman held his own in the drills going up against Brandon Meriweather at one point. But don’t expect Edelman to change positions any time soon. Patriots coach Bill Belichick said moving players from station to station is common.

“We move guys around at all the positions,” Belichick said. “Other than the quarterbacks and the kickers, I don’t think there are too many guys that don’t play more than one spot or line up in different places. It’s kind of a common theme for everybody, especially at this time of year. Now is the time to work on those things in case you need them later on or just to build depth on your team.”

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