Not just a bunch of ‘cows’


Every now and then the offensive line gets picked on. They are the guys off to the side like a herd going through their routines.

And then there are times like yesterday, when offensive lineman Matt Light brought a little humor to the morning as he was asked about Tom Brady after the team’s walkthrough.

“He’s always trying to push the envelope,” Light began. “He called us all cows yesterday, OK, so if there’s any PETA people out there that want to take offense to that, because us chunky guys, we don’t really deserve that.”

Nothing like a little side of humor from Light. A laugh or two from the offensive line isn’t a bad thing. The group has been rotating through players with Logan Mankins out and Nick Kaczur hasn’t participated in camp since the second day.


No matter who is on the line, the group is doing what it can to prepare for the upcoming season.

“We always try to improve week-to-week, and we have a certain system in which we operate, and look, the mainstay of our offense is No. 12, and he hasn’t changed,” Light said. “I think he’s more determined than ever. I don’t think you’ll see too much difference in what we do, other than we’ll try to do it a lot better.”

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