McCourty has a list … for himself


It’s a good feeling being named a starter, no matter what level it is, and that goes beyond just getting to play. It means your work is paying off, and progress is being made.

Unless you’re Devin McCourty.

With Leigh Bodden sidelined for the time being, McCourty is out there as the starter at left corner, with Darius Butler flipping to the right. He has to feel good about earning that kind time this early. But McCourty isn’t thinking about it. Or so he says.

“Right now, it’s just practice and I’m just trying to get better,” McCourty said. “I’m not paying attention to when I’m in or who else is in, I’m just trying to get better.”

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have goals. Over the weekend, Emmitt Smith mentioned during his stirring Hall of Fame speech that he had a list that he put together during his rookie year with objectives on it, one of which was “all-time leading rusher.”

So I asked McCourty if he had a similar list, this being his rookie year. He said he put together one going into college, and updated it during his time at Rutgers.

But as for the details, “I’d like to keep that personal,” he said.


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